RV Purse Museum Photo Gallery

Check it out! Here are a bunch of photos showing the progress of The Rolling Vintage (RV) Purse Museum. Scroll down for an important announcement about our 1960 Chevy panel truck tow vehicle, plus the video backstory to our dream of creating a mobile vintage handbag exhibit.

Mike assessing the situation

Original (and pretty yucky) condition

Come on in! But be careful...

Cool old Formica table
Playing with fire

The floor was not in the best condition

Mike is obviously impervious to sparks

We sent the frame out to be sandblasted, then Mike refinished it

You kind of feel sorry for it here, don't you? Like it's in traction.

Patches! We don't need no stinkin' patches! (Oh, yes we do.)

Our private donor funded the purchase of rhino-type coating to weather-proof the exterior

Amazing display case with plexiglass shelves, purchased with the help of our wonderful private donor

Extra display and storage under viewing window

Cool new retro lighting
Viewing panel opens so visitors don't have to step inside to see the exhibit

Beautiful new interior walls
Hello, tow vehicle

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