Hello Vintage Purse Friends!

It's been awhile, so we wanted to update you on the progress of The Rolling Vintage Purse Museum.

The 1961 Aristocrat Land Commander Trailer is about two-thirds complete in its transformation to become a mobile vintage handbag exhibit. We still need to paint the exterior and do a bit more to the interior. While it is mainly a self-funded project, we were gifted with additional monies through the generosity of a private benefactor. This allowed us to purchase the plexiglass shelving and exterior weather coating for the RV Purse Museum.

Our main issue--and problem!--was the tow vehicle, our 1960 Chevy panel truck. We purchased it knowing it would need work. But--and we're sure some of you will empathize--we didn't realize exactly how much work it would need.

One very good example of why this vehicle wasn't what we expected was the discovery that someone had used a gym weight to balance part of the engine. Yes, you read that correctly. A gym weight. This was both hilarious and horrifying.

So, we have ordered a new motor and transmission! This is fantastic, because it will be a more modern engine--one that can be checked diagnostically rather than taken to someone who might use a gym weight to fix it. (We're kidding. We hope.)

Then, after the engine work is complete, we'll get to the even more important part of The RV Purse Museum's tow vehicle. What color should we paint it? Let us know by taking the poll on the right side of this page, beneath the photo of @VintagePurseGal.

Thanks again for your support! Be sure to visit our virtual vintage handbag museum, The Vintage Purse Museum. Our photo archive (shortcut: VintagePurse.gallery) is continually being updated as we add more purses to the collection. And, because it's online-only, it's always open and always free to enter!

What color should we paint our tow vehicle? Click on the poll to the right!

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