Hello 2019!

We're still here and we're still working on our Rolling Vintage Purse Museum! Our contractor Mike had a busy 2018 with his day job, so the trailer took a bit of a backseat. (Is that a pun? We'll just say it is.)

Our tow vehicle, a 1960 Chevy panel truck, also had its share of unforeseeable issues last year--including some major engine work--but that's finally resolved (knocking wood, and various mechanical parts). All it needs now is a paint job!

Mike moved the trailer from its small storage area to a bigger workspace. Here it is, all primered and ready for more work. After he gets the flooring in, the next step is to change out the viewing window. Because its original incarnation was super heavy, it would've required special hinges to suspend it up high, which we decided wouldn't be the best design. Instead, Mike is creating a lighter-weight removable panel that still allows people to look at the handbag exhibit from outside the trailer. The configuration is kind of like what you might see in a food truck.

Don't worry--the only tasty treats we plan for our RV are for your eyes! Keep watching and we'll keep updating!

Back to work on the trailer, January 2019!

Flooring going in February 2019!

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