Welcome to the RV Purse Museum!

The Rolling Vintage Purse Museum

This 1961 Aristocrat Land Commander was a pretty big mess when we got it for a little over $1,000, including some of the previous owner's possessions. We donated the stuff that was in decent shape, but we had to throw out some things (ewww... don't ask). It's going to take a lot of time, labor and materials to complete our Rolling Vintage Purse Museum, but we're determined to get it going as soon as possible. We'll be updating with progress pictures very soon. Scroll down for news (in red).

Our plan is to take the RV Purse Museum to vintage fashion expos, glamping rallies, businesses and residences, providing visitors with a unique educational experience about vintage handbags. Admission will be free

Click here for more information about The Vintage Purse Gallery and to see lots of pictures of the handbags, accessories and ephemera in our huge collection.  Email info@vintagepursegallery.com if you have any comments or suggestions.

Check out the video below, which we made for our 2014 Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter didn't fund, but we're still determined to hit the highway with some of our beautiful handbags. Thank you for your interest!

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