2023 Update

We're doggedly determined to do some local exhibits!

Time for our 2023 report! 

The Vintage Purse Museum has gotten a lot of new social media followers on Facebook, Instagram (@vintagepursegal) and TikTok (@vintagepursegal), likely due to the fact that so many people were spending most of their time at home during the pandemic. 

However, we'd like to think we're innovators in terms of an online museum experience, as we started The Vintage Purse Museum over ten years ago. Yep! We can't believe it's been that long, either.

We moved to Tucson, Arizona in April, 2020, and have since added many photos, handbag facts, and historical articles to our Photo and History Archive. Our focus is recording handbag history before it's lost to time, so we've been reaching out to relatives of midcentury bag-makers, as well as researching a newspaper archive and a genealogy website to help us with our historical articles.

We also acquired an exciting new app that's helping us better inventory our vast collection, which we believe is nearing 3,000 handbags, purse accessories, and bag-related ephemera.

Since our arrival to Tucson, we've done a number of online presentations, and one in-person exhibit and talk. We'd like to do more! If you're a member of a Tucson-based organization that would like us to give a talk or set up an exhibit for your fundraiser, send us an email! We can even create themed exhibits. For instance, if you are part of an animal rescue, we can do a showing of handbags featuring all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, horses and fish!

If you are a member or organizer of a vehicle club, automobile museum or car show, we've got the bags!

A fan of flowers, gardens or trees? We've got all kinds of floral-themed purses.

Let us custom create an interesting and informative experience for your group. Email info@vintagepursemuseum.com for more information.

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